About the Artist


Thank you for visiting my website - I’ll tell you a few things about myself & my business as it will give you an understanding of why I do what I do.

I’m Courtney, 28 from South Yorkshire - I love all things food & travel.

I lost my amazing dad in 2018 to cardiac arrest, it was a shock to us all & something I openly still struggle with to this day.

Me & my family wanted some memorial jewellery doing with his ashes & found a great company who were able to sort our needs.

However, this wasn’t cheap & it made me think not all families will be lucky enough to be able to afford something so precious.

I started my resin journey in 2021, I’d make little bits & bobs for family, friends - coasters, bookmarks etc.
I then started researching into memorial jewellery made with resin & really loved the idea of creating personal items for people to keep forever.


It didn’t start out as easy as that though, we had a few name changes until I found the perfect one to suit my ethos. Inlustris is ‘starlight’ in Latin - which fit perfectly with the fact I purchased a star for my beloved dad.. my branding is a tribute to him (it sounded a lot better than using his name Steve in the name!!)

Fast forward a few years & here we are - creating more affordable memorial jewellery at the same high quality standard as the bigger companies.
How? I’m a small business owner, I work solo so I have very few overhead costs in comparison to the more corporate companies - it pays to shop small as I pass those savings onto you!

Even better I’ve expanded my range to include FLORAL PRESERVATIONS - after researching thoroughly I’ve found a new passion in dried florals.. meaning I can offer two services in one place.

Have a browse, see if anything tickles your fancy - if you want to chat about anything find me on Facebook or Instagram, or alternatively contact me at inlustrisresin@gmail.com